James Dalessandro:
This is a courageous attempt at a highly original story, and last and most importantly - a wonderful s script. It is funny, edgy, well structured, a wonderful piece with great characters, set in an interesting environment. JD

James Dalessandro: Co-founder of The Santa Cruz Poetry Festival, with Lawrence Ferlinghetti. also served as its director for four years.
Writer of "The House of Blues Radio Hour," which was hosted by Dan Aykroyd (asElwood Blues) during the period in which it won the "Platinum Award" from the National Broadcasters Association. He was also the writer/creator of "Rock On" with The Doors' keyboardist Ray Manzarek.

Writer. 1906 (book/screenplay) 2012, A film adaptation of 1906, based on both the novel and Dalessandro's screenplay, is in development by Warner Bros. and Pixar Animation Studios in asscociation with Walt Disney Pictures. Brad Bird is set to direct the live action 1906, after completing Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

After a TV talent contest, a straight, female impersonator succeeds as a high fashion model, and his success leads to the discovery of his lost family.

Gigi Lamar is the story of a man, and his struggle to succeed as an entertainer, in the woman’s world.

San Francisco, nightclub THE “Q.” After a reality TV show, the 38-year-old Gigi Lamar returns to the club, and continues performing.The 23-year-old Sharona, driven by jealousy, tries to intimidate and constantly provokes Gigi. One night Sharona physically attacks Gigi and the Police are called.

The 40-year-old officer Stephan O’Connor attracted to Gigi, expresses how he feels, and tries to get her attention. His persistence pays off when Gigi agrees to go out with him; only to discover her lost brother, and her father’s questionable past. Even so, another surprise awaits Gigi and Stephan, at their father’s apartment. 

* * *
by Dean Steven Nichols
Citizen Jane (TV movie, book) 2009, - The Damnedest Finest Ruins (video documentary) 2006, - Hell Hunters. 1986. Director/Producer. The Damnedest, Finest Ruins. 2006.

Geno Scala • Screenwriter, Script Mentor. I love it, actually. I personally wouldn't include the conclusion in the logline; I'd leave that as a mystery to the viewers. 
The "hook", to me, is a female impresonator becoming a high-fashioned model. That's cool- "Tootsie" meets "America's Top Model"!
* * *
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