The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. 
Walter Bagehot 

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Journalist, newspaper columnist, and movie critic, in the early days, Dean, wrote, directed and acted in most of his stage plays.

In the late 1980s immigrated to the USA, and continued writing short stories in his native language, (Greek.) And while holding a position in Security completed the Reserves program at the San Francisco Police Academy. ​​And attended screenwriting at the Academy of Arts University. 
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    Dean and Merlin
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Currently, hold an Operations Manager position in the school industry,  

An aspiring screenwriter, working on the final edits of his feature film The Malediction Legacy . And  revising his short film Gigi Lamar  while works on the preliminaries and research for his next feature film, Nunnery .
His short-story anthology Fantasy-Times  will be available on Amazon late fall.

As an outlet from the daily life Dean enjoys composing and spending time with his 11-year-old Lab mix Geman Sheperd, Merlin. 

Visit the Music page for samples and link to his SoundCloud to listen and download his compositions.